Rowanwood Publishing, LLC


The Company


Rowanwood Publishing, LLC, is a small micropublishing company started by two sisters with a shared dream. We want to share the products of our imaginations with the world, and we want to have complete control over the process through which our stories are released.

Micropublishing, as we see it, is a variety of indie publishing that uses POD and e-book services to distribute books. Because we don’t own and run a printing press ourselves, we save a lot of upfront costs—and also a lot of trees, because no more paperbacks will be printed than will be sold!





The Sisters

Heather Hayden is the author of Augment, Rowanwood’s first release. She has also published several short stories in the JL Anthologies series. She loves writing, reading science fiction and fantasy, gaming with friends, plotting with her sister, and chocolate. Currently, she is working on two projects: Upgrade (the sequel to Augment) and an as-yet-untitled fairy tale series.

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Heidi HaydenHeidi Hayden is the illustrator of the JL Anthologies series. She was raised in the forests of Maine and graduated this May as an Illustration major at the Maine College of Art. A bookworm by nature, she reads copious amounts of questionable fiction by unpublished authors, in the few moments of spare time when she is not writing and illustrating her own books. She works in gouache, ink, pencil, and fabric, and enjoys repurposing materials for her art.

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